Posted on Jan 1, 0001
  1. DevSec00ps because failure is inevitable.
  2. Learning by failing and chaos engineering is fun.
  3. Embrace the failure and celebrate it because you just learned.
  4. You have already been compromised you just don’t know it.

Clouds are fluffy and things can easy to fall through them, all we can do is catch them before they hit the ground and smash to bits.

Le marketing

Call me purple, because I enjoy being on both sides of security. You need to know where to dig the trench or put the wall and to do that you need to know your weak points. Always asking where the next layer can be set up.

Keeping an eye out on new technologies, looking towards the horizon.

I appreciate a good challenge, redesign a legacy solution or come up with something new, moving an application into containers or setting up an air-gapped environment.

DevOps style collaboration works best for me, as the security guy, I can keep in touch with multiple teams and help them solve security-related challenges by providing SaaS, Security as a Service, security needs to be a part of the organization where everybody plays a role.